Peter's work centres around Natural History and Anatomy, both of which were formed by a childhood curiosity of creatures great and small, and their appearances both inside and out.

His animal and anatomy artwork take on an abstracted form, while using contemporary aesthetics to create work that he would like to see on his own walls. The portraits he produces tend to be in profile and have a scientific but playful approach to the way specimens or archival references are presented as his style is derived from visits to museums, zoos and aquariums. 

He also loves working with Origami and Kirigami; incorporating techniques he's learnt and developed with pattern-making in his artwork. The process allows him to combine sculpture, photography, drawing and painting; ultimately it allows him to be diverse and creative.

Peter says: "I love to experiment in different styles and materials - sometimes conventional and other times not. Rather than using a canvas I often prefer to paint on the reverse of glass, and instead of using paper to draw on - I sometimes like to fold what I see."

 © Peter Viet-Lu 2019

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